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MagnaMural: Texture Display & Organizer Commands Summary
For the Obsolete Commercial Version of the MagnaMural

by Apollia Pirandello


For more a much more extensive manual, go to this page: MagnaMural Manual

A zip file of this Commands Summary, the manual, and the MagnaMural Main Page is here. (112 KB)

Keyboard commands are formatted like this.
Menus, buttons, and other things you can click with a mouse are formatted like this.
Window titles and other things you don't have to click are formatted like this.

You can activate the MagnaMural to listen for text chat commands and gestures by clicking on one of its panels. (Unless it's in Locked Mode, in which case only clicking Panel 3, the lower left panel, will get its attention).

After that, the MagnaMural will listen for 10 minutes for your commands in both regular "audible" text chat and the silent chat channel it's set to use, and, every time you say something, use a gesture, or click on the MagnaMural, the timer is reset to 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes of you not clicking on the MagnaMural, not using a gesture, and not saying anything, the MagnaMural stops listening.

You can stop the MagnaMural from listening at any time by saying the command off.

The gestures included with the MagnaMural will only work if the MagnaMural is set to listen to silent chat channel 9, but you can customize the gestures to use other channels, as well as other keystrokes, and you can even create new gestures to issue entirely different commands. (For more details on how, see the manual).

Before the gestures will work, you have to activate them. To do this, go to your inventory, right-click a gesture (for instance, "MagnaMural - F4 - Forward - Channel 9", and choose Activate. The gestures can be used by pressing one of the F-keys on your keyboard. The gesture's name in your inventory will tell you which F-key to use.

The MagnaMural is designed for the personal use of its owner only, so, only the owner can control the MagnaMural. It won't work properly if deeded to a group, so please don't deed it to a group.


How to Say Things on a Silent Chat Channel

Here's an example of how to say a command on a silent chat channel.

At the chat prompt, if you say /9 size, that will say the text "size" on silent chat channel 9. If the MagnaMural is set to listen to chat channel 9, it will tell you its current size.

If the MagnaMural is set to listen to some other silent chat channel, however, you'll have to say your command on whatever silent chat channel it's set to. This is done simply by replacing the 9 in the foregoing command with whatever number is the actual channel. For instance, /12 size would say the text "size" on channel 12.

To find out what the current channel is, you can say ch, which will put the MagnaMural into Silent Chat Channel Select Mode, and tell you what the current chat channel is, as well as allow you to select a new one if you like. (But if you'd rather not, just say x to get out of Silent Chat Channel Select Mode.)

The silent chat channel is also almost always stated whenever the MagnaMural "talks" to you (except when reciting a list of all textures). It is shown toward the beginning of the line of chat, like so: "MagnaMural (9):", where 9 can be any number from 1 to 9999. The number in parentheses is the silent chat channel number the MagnaMural is set to.


Brief Summary of Commands

Navigation | Texture Retrieval, Deletion and Info | Resizing and Shape Changing | Other Settings | Manual and Help-Related | Other

This information is available in the notecard "*-Astroblahhh.Com MagnaMural Commands Summary", as well as the much longer MagnaMural Manual web page and notecard.

The commands below are case sensitive - that is, it matters whether you use capital or lowercase letters in them. The commands below need to be stated exactly as they are below in order to work - minus the commas and dashes, which aren't part of the commands.

Many commands have more than one way to say them. To distinguish between multiple ways of saying the same command, the commands below are separated by commas.


Textures within the MagnaMural are in alphabetical order and are numbered accordingly.

If you type in any number between (and including) 1 and the number of textures contained in the MagnaMural, the MagnaMural will go directly to the texture referred to by that number.

The Reload command might (or might not) help if the texture is blurry and taking a while to load, and it will definitely help if there are those annoying lines that may temporarily appear in the MagnaMural after you do a resize or change the shape mode. It should also help if, through some fluke of Second Life, a texture hasn't loaded on all panels.

Texture Retrieval, Deletion and Info

Resizing and Shape Changing

Changing the MagnaMural's shape automatically puts the MagnaMural into Resize Mode.

Other Settings

Manual and Help-Related


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